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Sable Starr was born in California in 1958 as Sable Shields. She grew up in a wealthy suburb called Palos Verdes.

Sable became very known on the sunset strip, hanging out at the strips hot spots. She became famous as a groupie. Sable got to know members of Led Zeppelin, T-Rex, Mott The Hoople , the new york dolls, iggy pop, + many other musicians.

By 1973, Sable met Johnny Thunders, the New York Dolls' guitar player. The dolls were coming to LA, and when Johnny and Sable set sights on eachother, that was it, Sable abandoned her LA groupie sunset strip lifestyle to move to New York with Johnny.

When the Dolls came back to New York, Johnny took Sable with him. They wanted to live together, Johnny's mother helped them to find a place to live in, an appartment on West 24th street, and furniture for it.

But their happiness didn't last long. Johnny was very jealous and his growing drug dependency lead him to psychotic like states that made him violent.


Sable, confused and depressed, attempted suicide, but was found and rushed to the hospital.

She was given the chance to choose between going to the psychiatric wing or coming back to her parents. She came back to her parents, and returned to LA.

Sable later begun to split her time between LA and NY, were she met people like Debbie Harry. She used to see Johnny there as well, but then just as a friend. She dated Richard Hell for a while.

She now lives in Nevada with her two children, Christian and Donnay (apparently named after her sisters tennis rackets),and works at Herrod's Casino as a 21 dealer.


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