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Almost Famous: Possibly the best movie about groupies, rockstars and the whole music scene all together. Almost Famous is based on actual events on the life of the director, Cameron Crowe. William Miller is a young aspiring writer who sends articles off to Lester Bangs in hope of some insight, and through a twist of events he ends up writing a story on the band Stillwater for Rolling Stone Magazine, at only 15! He meets Penny Lane (a groupie) and her groupie friends (based on Pennie Trumble and the flying garter girls) and is taken quickly into this world never experienced before. This movie is great, it is highly recommended for any music fan. It shows how groupies and rockstars actually were, it take these rockstars off the plaque there put on.


Many people discredit this movie, however, i do the exact opposite, i praise it, I think its great. Many parts of this film are clearly based on groupies Pamela Des Barres, and Cynthia Plaster Caster. Complete inspiration from them. Its a funny movie, and has some great rock references. Its the story of two groupie friends, who have grown apart through the years and have stopped speaking, and now Suzette, the one who hasnt cooledher jets is back in Lavineas life.


"I'm Riff Randell Rock N' Roller"! Riff Randell was the ultimate Rock N' Roller, the ultimate fan, she is a groupie in a nutshell basically. Yes, she did not sleep with any members of The Ramones in the movie, however, groupies are more than you think, she was just there to support the band in any way possible! This is a campy comedy, but is still a great film to watch! and has FINALLY been released on dvd!

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