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Pandora's Box was one of the hottest spots for hipsters throughout 1966. But, on Nov. 12th, 1966, Teens protested to get there rights as the youth of America, there were arrests of teens, disrespect and abuse. The police really turned it into a "Riot on the Sunset Strip" and the protests soon broke out on to the sunset blvd right out in front of Pandora's Box. The club was sadly demolished Aug. 3rd, 1967 and where Pandora's Box once stood, an access lane of Sunset now curves into Crescent Heights.

After it closed its doors for good teens fled to hot spots such as The Whisky A Go-Go

Any more information on Pandoras Box like photos, personal experiences, bands that played there, and when, etc, is greatly welcomed & appreciated!

Any stuff you want to donate to the site is greatly appreciated and welcomed! Photos, Information, etc on people, places things. Even if you want to share your personal experiences, all is great!